Atomic6 prides itself on the combination of clean aesthetics, thoughtful planning and research and future-proof design to ensure project success. Our small team and community-minded approach allows us to work closely and in partnership with our clients to learn, and to achieve, their business goals.

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Atomic6 was founded in 2001 in Washington, D.C., by Jay Carbon. Named for the atomic weight of carbon, Atomic6 started as a design and marketing collective that supported the live music scene. In 2004, Jay helped to found HeadCount with Andy Bernstein (Phish’s Pharmers’ Almanac) and Marc Brownstein (the Disco Biscuits, Conspirator), and served as Headcount’s Director of Art & Technology for many years. Jay’s loves for music and activism were a driving force for Atomic6 in the early days, and music and art are still huge motivators and purveyors of Atomic6 projects and partnerships. Atomic6 is now a collective of designers, developers and copywriters that continue the mission.

Atomic6 strives to act as carbon does to bind organic matter, crafting interactive solutions that bring your business goals together.

With deep roots in philanthropy and the music industry, Atomic6 continues to grow and evolve. Moving to Denver, Colorado, in 2007, Atomic6 found talented individuals to join those that took the leap to Colorado. Atomic6 found much-needed creative inspiration and connection within one of the most lauded collective artistic communities in the country. Our work across industries continues, with clients in IT, art, music, promotions & marketing, social media, food & beverage and retail/ecommerce.


Atomic6 moved to Denver in 2007, and is located within a collaborative artistic community at 2700 Walnut Street in Denver’s River North (RiNo) District. The up-and-coming neighborhood of artisans, artists, creative agencies, galleries and independent businesses fuels creative inspiration every day. We highly encourage a visit to the neighborhood’s various galleries, street corners and alleyways to take in the variety and abundance of public art in the area.