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Crafting compelling social media campaigns, email marketing, eye-catching print materials, or strategizing effective digital marketing plans, I ensure your message reaches your audience with impact and resonance.

Brand Management

From developing brand guidelines to crafting logo designs and maintaining consistency in messaging and visual identity, I ensure your brand resonates with your audience, fostering recognition and loyalty.

Design & Development

Creating captivating websites and dynamic apps that elevate your digital presence. Focusing on aesthetics and functionality to achieve your unique goals and captivate your target audience.

Business Development

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, I drive business growth by implementing intelligent systems that optimize processes, enhance decision-making, expand reach to both existing and new audiences.

Ad Buying

Ad buying expertise, leveraging the power of Google Ads and Meta platforms to maximize your online visibility and drive targeted traffic to your business. From strategic campaign planning to precise audience targeting and continuous optimization.

Organic Growth

Growing your brand authentically and sustainably. I leverage SEO optimization and strategic word-of-mouth techniques to boost your online visibility and ignite genuine connections with your audience, driving long-term engagement and propelling organic growth for your business.


24+ Years of Experience


About Me

Branding. Marketing. Development. Web. Print. UX/UI. Project Management.

Results-driven Marketing & Sales professional with 25+ years of experience leveraging a unique skillset across Marketing, Sales, Design, and Operations. Proven ability to generate business growth in diverse industries. Adept at identifying innovative solutions and staying current with the latest trends and technologies to consistently deliver exceptional results.


Jay Carbon

I am available for contract and full-time work.

Email: jay@atomic6design.com